Budding artists are being invited to join the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s latest installation by pick up a free creativity kit to get them started. The kits hold anything from plasticine to pipe cleaners and have been created by gallery staff to try to expand the number of residents who will take part in the community art feature called “The Curve”.

“I thought it would be really relevant for the curve exhibition, to invite all artists in the region, because the strength of the curve is that everyone is invited to share their experience of the pandemic,” says Community Experience Manager Sabine Schneider. “I felt creativity kits together that don’t have instructions so people can draw on their own inspiration and imagination with mixing and matching different materials.”

“The Curve” is a multi-disciplinary community art installation that is meant to honour those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the art included in the community collage completely made up of pieces donated by members of the public. Schneider says since opening in June, “The Curve” has done its job to not only showcase individual artists’ thoughts on the pandemic, but give people the chance to see how others around them have changed over the last four months.

“The strength of the curve is really that everyone is invited to share their experience, and to showcase the resilience and hope within the community which is then reflected back into the community.”

Schneider says there is no age limit for those who wish to pick up a kit, and she hopes those who take part will then share their piece with the greater community. The creativity kits will be available until August 16th, with the exhibit open to the public until September 28th.