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Simplify Accounting* – Not Your Father’s CPA Firm 2.0!

Simplify Accounting* – Not Your Father’s CPA Firm 2.0!

Breathe easier with full-service cloud accounting packages at monthly fixed prices for small business owners.

At Simplify Accounting they offer peace of mind that your accounting is being taken care of, without any unexpected bills. Through upfront, value-based pricing with no hidden admin fees. One way Simplify does this is by using cloud accounting software!

Bookkeeping – Done Differently!

By using cloud accounting software, Simplify Accounting helps you:

Reduce paper headaches and audit-proof your business by easily converting that shoebox of receipts into a searchable electronic database.
Improve business decisions with instant access to information
Increase productivity by connecting with hundreds of other applications.

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Sound complicated? It’s the complete opposite! Especially when you’ve got Simplify Accounting’s Founder, Shawn Gander in your corner, ready to help walk you through everything! Because when it comes to the financial health of your business – you should always feel comfortable giving your accountant a call.

More Than Tax Returns!

The role of your accountant is being redefined by technology… but custom-tailored business advice is still key to running a successful business. That’s why Simplify Accounting makes sure you get the advice you need – when you need it.

The bottom line – The cost of higher taxes, interest, penalties and poor advice far outweighs the price you’ll pay for a good accountant. So, don’t ignore your accounting, as it’s critical to the financial health of your business!

Let Me Simplify That for You!

What are you waiting for?! Let Shawn Gander help you breathe easier by simplifying your accounting today!

To learn more or book an appointment – visit: or follow Simplify Accounting on Facebook!

Simplify Accounting – downtown across from Al’s News on 100th Ave, in Grande Prairie.

*Simplify Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant.

10027B 100 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 0V2
Phone: 780-296-2937


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