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Blue Cross shares summer safety tips

Alberta Blue Cross is sharing a host of tips for residents to be prepared for any situation this summer, and enjoy the weather safely.

For Grande Prairie residents, given the hot weather the region often experiences, Blue Cross encourages the community to check out their tips on sun safety, staying cool and hydrated, as well as food safety.

While large social gatherings and events like festivals and outdoor concerts aren’t permitted this summer, the opportunity to spend time outdoors and travel within Alberta, responsibly, is still possible.

“As an organization focused on health and wellness, we like to put out things that are of value to Albertans and help promote important campaigns like Alberta’s preventable injury campaign,” says Katelyn Pretzlaff, communications officer with Alberta Blue Cross.

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“Going into summer, especially during a time like this where many Albertans might be trying new things outdoors, these tips serve as reminders to help prevent serious injuries and illness.”

She adds that she has a tendency to advocate for the use of sunscreen for not only the protection from sunburn and reducing the risk of skin cancer, but also for the added benefit of preventing wrinkles.

Alberta Blue Cross shared a total of 10 “essential summer safety tips,” ranging from home protection and camp safety to preventing bug bites and weather observation.

“They’re relevant for people based on their activities, so what’s important for one may or may not be important for another,” says Sharmin Hislop, director of corporate communications.

“I personally am out with my dogs a lot so avoiding pesky bug bites is something important for me, but that may not be the case for others— it may be sun safety or water safety for some families.”

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