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Crime, snow removal among citizen concerns

The vast majority of residents in Grande Prairie rate the quality of life in the city as good. That’s how nine out of 10 residents surveyed as part of the 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

The survey, conducted by Forum Research, looks to objectively measure satisfaction with municipal services as well as identify priorities among residents to help the City map out its budgeting and planning processes.

Residents also, for the most part, are pleased with services, especially the nearly unanimously positive response to the Grande Prairie Fire Department.

However, a number of respondents are pointing the finger at two major negative factors they believe are the biggest issues facing Grande Prairie: crime rates and road conditions.

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One in seven of the 401 respondents cited crime as their top concern. homelessness, roads, taxes, and drug use were also high up in issues facing the city.

Mayor Bill Given says it’s always interesting to know what those in the public think the city as a whole can do better. He hopes that further surveys will give members of council and city administration a better idea as to the longer-term thoughts of residents.

“Any one survey on its own is basically a snapshot on how people felt at a certain time, but what I’m most interested in now is trends over time, and trends that sort of ebb and flow.”

Given says it’s not entirely surprising to see items like infrastructure and snow removal amongst the biggest gripes residents have, but he believes council are on the right track when it comes to funding.

“It’s interesting to see that snow removal, ice control and roads are always highly important for people and it seems like we are always [facing] that challenge to find exactly the right thing to do no matter how much or little we spend on it.”

Given adds one of the biggest standouts from the survey for him is the negative net promoter score. He says it just means decision-makers will work harder to create a city in which people are proud to call home.

“That reflects our brand, and how many people would recommend the City of Grande Prairie as a place to live, we obviously want to drive that higher.”

You can find the full citizen satisfaction survey on the City of Grande Prairie website.

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