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Residential parking in spotlight for bylaw education

Throughout March, officers with Grande Prairie Bylaw Enforcement will be keeping a close eye on residential parking concerns as part of their monthly education program. Sergeant Ross Gear says one of the biggest problems they come across is drivers treating residential streets like a long term parking lot, which shouldn’t be the case.

“A roadway was never intended to be a parking lot. Now, the law allows that a person using a vehicle on a regular basis can park on a roadway, but not beyond 72 hours.”

Gear adds that while the bylaw dictates 72 hours, they tend to air on the side of leniency unless complaints are lodged against a certain vehicle.

“We extend well beyond that in most cases; we understand that people can go beyond it, but if you want to talk strictly according to the law, that’s all that’s allowed on residential [streets].”

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Gear adds another issue bylaw officers come across is how close some drivers park to a crosswalk, stop sign, or yield sign. Gear adds the lawful distance is five metres, and he hopes drivers can be more aware of their location before they leave their vehicle for a long time.

“Especially at a crosswalk… we want a clear sightline so a pedestrian can move out safely and a motorist can see them if they’re coming out.”

The fine handed out to drivers for most parking offences is around $68.

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