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Educating through Art

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is a place for enjoyment… for reflection… AND… for learning! Discover all the ways you can broaden your experience at the Gallery!

Sharing the Art Experience:

Art education at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie enriches our community, encourages diversity and inspires creative learning.

All year round the Gallery offers educational programs that aspire to be comprehensive and inclusive of all community members with the main goal to provide access to both contemporary and historical visual arts for all regardless of age, mobility and financial capacity. In fact, unique programs serve as a flagship for the Gallery as they provide context and meaning to viewers and enable them to understand art forms from a personalized perspective because the principles and elements of design are emphasized and integrated in the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s educational programming.

Facilitating the Art Experience:

By interacting with the works in the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s current exhibitions, students and community groups practice careful observation skills and learn about interpreting works of art, developing skills in visual literacy, experimentation, collaboration, problem solving and innovation. Interpretative activities in response to the exhibition in the gallery spaces are often part of a Gallery visit.

1 Hour Art Programs:

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Groups who spend one hour at the Gallery often combine visiting the Gallery spaces and the Grande Prairie Public Library at the same time. It is particularly beneficial when two groups from the same organization or school visit the Montrose Cultural Centre at once because they can alternate between both institutions. While one group tours the Library, the other group appreciates the art showcased at the Gallery, learning about two important community resources at the same time.

1.5 Hour Art Programs:

One and a half hours is the minimum time needed to combine a facilitated tour with a hands-on-take-home art project that is inspired by the Gallery’s current exhibitions. These projects emphasize a contemporary mixed-media approach, are age appropriate making our programs a great way to ground and enhance a student’s own art experience.


Integrated Arts Retreat:

Enjoy the day with your students or colleagues at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie while participating in a custom designed educational initiative that allows for an extraordinary experience of making and sharing art in a nurturing environment. Engagement with our current exhibitions and hands-on-take-home art projects are included as suitable to your group.

The creation of one’s own work of art often invites for the element of surprise, inspiring a sense of newness and re-discovery which is celebrated within the art appreciation component of the programs to encourage and enhance an individual’s unique artistic voice. Children and adults alike don’t often have the chance to be creative, so experiencing the Gallery and its programs offer the chance for participant exposure to communities they didn’t know existed or weren’t aware they could be a part of.

With an increase in digitally orientated curriculums and workspaces, there is something special about experiencing textile art works. The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie also has an interactive craft room, The Carlstrom Family Green Space, where visitors can create and learn from the environment around them. They can do this in a space where creativity is valued, without the outside distractions of the real world.

For more information on the education programs that the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie offers, please visit our website at or email




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