New City of Grande Prairie welcome signs are a step closer to completion after a design was agreed upon by members of the Community Services Committee.

Going with a fully backed, white backlit signs at a cost of $114,437 apiece, officials believe they’ve made a choice that closely fits in with the wishes of resident feedback.

“It’s very much in line with what community engagement showed…so actually changing the sign and putting a white background is actually more in line with community consultation so it’s very exciting,” says Manager of Sports Development, Wellness, and Culture Stephanie Cajolais.

Members of the committee did, however, balk at the option to remotely control the lighting colour of the signs, with the additional cost of $22,000 deemed a better use elsewhere.

“I think there is already a motion that any leftover funding would be allocated to another project that the Downtown Association had submitted,” she adds.

“It’s our practice to provide options so council can make a decision that is informed and represents the needs of the community,” she adds.

The locations for the two signs are proposed for 132 Avenue and Highway 43 to the north, with Range Road 71 and the eastbound lane of Highway 43 selected for the west entrance sign.

Cajolais adds she expects the signs to be constructed and installed before the end of June.