Grande Prairie Animal Hospital is trying to control the kitten population in the city. It is hosting its first neuter clinic for male cats on February 26th.

“What we’re trying to do is encourage and facilitate responsible feline pet ownership by helping people make sure their pets get fixed,” says Medical Director Angela Oakley.

While Oakley says it’s important to get both male and female cats fixed it can be more economical to get the males done first.

“One female cat can have three to four litters a year but one male cat can father 40 to 50 litters, so more bang for the buck so to speak with the boys.”

She adds that unfixed males can also cause a lot of problems in the community.

“Male cats, in particular, are roamers. These are the cat that you see wandering the neighbourhoods, ruining your garden, marking things inappropriately and are generally considered a nuisance. Unfixed male cats are also fighters, they will wound and injure other cats in the neighbourhood and in doing so will transmit diseases.”

If the event goes well, Oakley says they would like to also host a day to fix female cats and a day for dogs as well. For more information or to sign up a cat, call the clinic at (780)532-4638.