The County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service has received some new equipment. On Monday, three new water tender trucks were delivered to the area. County Fire Chief Dan Verdun says the new trucks pump water faster than traditional water tenders and can also pull water into their tank from various sources like hydrants, water standpipes and dugouts.

“These are, in essence, water trucks but specifically designed as fire trucks so they have more capabilities than a regular water truck. They have the ability to pump water at a high rate onto the truck and then, of course, offload that water, which is critically important to our use at fire scenes.”

Two of the trucks will be used in the county with the third being sent to the Sexsmith Fire Department. Verdun says these new vehicles are replacements for ones currently being used.

“We’ve increased our service capabilities by going with this type of truck comparatively to the water trucks that we had located in our various stations before. These are just replacements for equipment that was existing with the exception of the one that has been located to our Sexsmith Fire Department, which was in addition to their service.”

Verdun adds that service and Mutual Aid agreements with neighbouring fire departments mean the entire region may benefit from the new tenders.