Some of the events planned for the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection’s Winter Try-It Day have been postponed due to cold temperatures. Events and Partnership Assistant Paige Grasby says those that were supposed to take place at the Wapiti Nordic Ski Club and Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park can’t run when it’s this cold.

“Wapiti Nordic is unable to operate their services below -21 with children under the age of 18 as well as Nitehawk is only able to operate above -30. When we have children anywhere from six even up to 17, for them to enjoy their time outside and have a good experience with these sports outdoors they definitely need to be comfortable.”

Affected events include luge, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding and cross Country Skiing. For parents who signed their child up for those sports, Grasby says there are a few other options for them.

“Participants that are now missing out get to reregister for two other sports for January for indoor as well… We have a magnitude of other options that are indoor for that opportunity so we have tons of activities like Brazillian Jujitsu, we have arm wrestling at Eastlink and then we have a lot of water sports as well.”

The outdoor events will be postponed until February 1st but all other events will take place as planned on January 18th. Anyone interested in signing their child up for a sport can call the Sport Connection’s office at 780-533-5223 or visit the website.