UPDATE: The city has also stopped its residential snow clearing program until temperatures warm up. It says work on priority
1 and 2 roads will continue as normal. 

Snow removal crews in the County of Grande Prairie have temporarily stopped working due to cold temperatures.

In a social media post, the county says operations will resume once the temperature rises to -35 degrees or above.

“Working in these frigid temperatures is a safety hazard and increases the risks of damaging road maintenance equipment,” the announcement reads. “Crews dedicated to County hamlets will resume clearing roads in Wedgewood on Tuesday, pending temperatures rise.”

In the city, crews will be working in the Crystal Heights, Crystal Landing, Hillside, Ivy Lake Estates, Mountview, Summit, and VLA/Montrose neighbourhoods.

They also continue to plow priority 2 roads as well as sanding and salting. People are reminded that a parking ban is in place on all permanent snow roads.