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Wexit Alberta makes first stop in Grande Prairie

Whether they were for, against, or just looking for information on the separatist movement, well over 100 people turned up to a Wexit Alberta rally at Revolution Place on Sunday.

The event, headlined by WEXIT Canada leader Peter Downing, was another stop on the province wide tour to garner support to become a recognized party in the next general election. Topics on the day ranged from equal representation at a federal level, to trade routes and commodity market access.

Local organizer Terrance Sweeney says he helped put together the Grande Prairie stop of the Wexit tour across Alberta because he believes people in the region and province aren’t getting a fair deal from the federal government.

“We need to do this for our children; that’s what it comes down to. I don’t hate people in Ontario, Quebec or anywhere; what I dislike is the central government telling us what’s best for us and they don’t know anything about us.”

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“All they want is our money, they don’t want to give us any say in our future, so we need to go on our own,” he adds.

This isn’t the first time Sweeney has tried to organize a Wexit rally in the city. An event scheduled to take place at the Grande Prairie Legion on November 17th was cancelled at the last minute at the request of the venue.

“When we booked our location, about a week before we were going to have it, they didn’t want Wexit in their building.”

The event was then moved to Webster Hall, but was subsequently cancelled as Downing could not attend.

Rally attendant Karen Peters says she is on the fence when it comes to the ideas behind WEXIT. She says didn’t come to show her support or disapproval of the concept; she just wanted more information.

“Disappointed in the federal election and the way Alberta has been treated and looking to see what Wexit has to offer us and where that might take us so that Alberta and western Canada get a fair deal.”

According to the Wexit Alberta website, the organization’s three key desires are economic liberty, social stability, and Alberta sovereignty.

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