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Grande Prairie filmmaker honoured by award recognition

A local filmmaker has won the Best Short Competition Award of Recognition for a short film shot in Grande Prairie.

“Lost” looks at cycles of life, in which people can feel powerless while in the grips of a bad situation, but in the end must make difficult choices to breakthrough. Project Lead Len Morrisette says he went about telling the story in a way he thought would resonate most on-screen.

“I chose to work it through the angle of Indigenous gangs and what happens when your family and you have a loss of culture and a loss of who you are, and you are just dealing with forces that are beyond your control, but you think you’re in control.”

Morrisette says not only is it an honour to receive recognition at any level but to be selected from a pool of short films from across the world makes it doubly special. He adds that this has been a project he wanted to get into production for a long time.

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“This is the very first short film that I’ve dedicated myself towards and had in my head for the last 20 years that I wanted to film and I finally just put it down on paper with the support of everybody.”

He says all the actors, including his seven-year-old daughter, are from the Grande Prairie area, and the vast majority of them had no acting experience whatsoever before their involvement in the film.

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