With the federal election now officially underway, local voters have 40 days to do their research when it comes to how they plan to punch their ballot come October 21st.

Conservative Party of Canada candidate Chris Warkentin is looking for re-election in Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, and Arnold Viersen searching for another term as Conservative MP for Peace River – Westlock.

Both are expected to have a full slate of candidates vying for their seat in the House of Commons.

So far, only People’s Party of Canada candidate Doug Burchill has announced his intentions to run against Warkentin in Grande Prairie, but Viersen will face off against a nearly packed field.

In Peace River – Westlock, Green Party candidate Peter Nygaard, Liberal Party candidate Leslie Penny, and PPC candidate John Schrader are all heading for the ballot, with only an NDP spot still up for grabs.