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City receives one time double up of federal gas tax fund

The City of Grande Prairie has received $7.7 million from the Gas Tax Fund thanks to a one-time double-up payment from the federal government.

The $4 million initially allocated, which was already worked into municipal budget plans for 2019, was given an additional $3.7 million, one-time payment.

Mayor Bill Given says the program has been in place for years, with numerous governments at the federal level, and it is something he feels is needed to help bolster the ability of cities across Alberta to do the best work they can at the local level.

“From the city perspective, we really appreciate the recognition that municipalities provide the majority of infrastructure in Canada and the federal government has a role to play in helping support that hard infrastructure,” he says.

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“This is an opportunity for the federal government to have a direct relationship with municipalities without having to go through the province as they do with other programs.”

Given adds that he understands the frustration felt by many when it comes to higher gas prices, but seeing the money go back into building up infrastructure at home should ease that pain.

“It should help Canadians understand that the taxes they pay at the pump do come back to the local communities so we can improve the roads they drive on, and other hard infrastructure they use day in and day out.”

Some of the 2018 Gas Tax Fund projects include $1.6 million on road repair, as well as $250,000 on traffic signal repair.

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