Enrich Your Child’s Life Through Art in This Free Gallery Maker-Space!

Today’s world is overflowing with audio and visual stimulation. With so much creativity right in front of us, it is tough to discover our own creativity. Set your child’s creativity alight with some quality time spent at the Carlstrom Family Green Space in the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

Within the space you’ll see containers of art supplies and workstations to have fun with and create your very own unique pieces of art. Each activity has a title to go with instructions and materials. Visitors are welcome to take their projects home to share with their families and friends or may choose to display their created piece(s) in the Carlstrom Family Green Space for other visitors to enjoy. All ages are invited to enjoy the art gallery’s current exhibitions and themes through free art activities that are designed to encourage reflection, creativity and inspiration.

Creativity is such an important skill set in today’s highly educated work place. Having the ability to think imaginatively and bring fresh ideas to the table can really set someone apart from the pack. While spending time with your child in the Carlstrom Family Green Space, use these tips to encourage your child’s own creativity:

  • Let them be leaders: Allow your child to explore the space without your influence. Instead of setting an example, follow their lead and try to recreate whatever they decide to make. That way they aren’t just trying to copy you.
  • Keep their options open: There is an abundance of materials and inspiration in this space. Try not to limit their artistic creativity to one specific section but perhaps incorporate multiple options.
  • Make it social: The Carlstrom Family Greenspace is a great opportunity for kids to make friends. New friends help inspire their work and create collaborative art projects, which is highly encouraged. Each year, thousands of people come to this unique space.
  • Set them free: As long as your child is being safe and respectful, let them do what they want. Children learn through playing, exploring, trial and error.

A special note to remember when visiting with children is that the Art Gallery is not responsible for the safety or supervision of children. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and attended by a parent, guardian or person 14 years or older at all times.

You can enhance your child’s imagination by adding some creative play time at the Carlstrom Family Greenspace! It will set them on a course of enjoying inspired creativity today and for the future. To find out more about how you and your child can enjoy the Carlstrom Family Greenspace take a look at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s website

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