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“Wander” where you’ll end up next? If you plan it, you’ll really Love It!

Wanderlust VIP

“Wander” where you’ll end up next?  If you plan it, you’ll really Love It!

 So, you’re ready to travel. Yes…the destination is the peak of your vacation fun, but planning the journey yourself is part of the adventure.


 You want to book your own travel and do your own browsing and planning and make your own decisions. You also want to book with a reputable company so it’s an honest purchase with good customer service that you’re entitled to.  It’s time to go online and check out Wanderlust VIP.

 It’s just that while you’re planning, you may have a couple questions, or want to make sure you’re prepared and have all the stuff you’re supposed to have.

Everything You Need Is Online

So I, Kim Weldon owner of Wanderlust VIP, am giving it all up. All the trade secrets and travel industry information. For free. No fees. All the links, the websites, the recommendations and it’s all current and applicable for you, here in Grande Prairie.

So this is a call out to all the self-planners out there. The DIY-ers. You can book your vacation on my Wanderlust VIP website.  Browse from a list of recommended resorts, you can browse deals, you can find out what travel documentation you need, and what you can take on the airplane.

Travel Insurance: Just In Case

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And since Anything can happen during your travels or before you start packing, Wanderlust VIP works with Manulife Insurance to provide you with Travel Insurance.
Don’t assume it only covers you when you are on your trip. It’s just another way that I’ve put together the Ultimate Do It Yourself travel website.  Book your trip and get the right insurance coverage at the same time.

So, Where to?

Your destination awaits and the options are endless. Choose Las Vegas, Mexico, Ireland, Jamaica, Hawaii, France, Cuba, Costa Rica, Aruba, Grenada, Belize, Bahamas, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Panama.

Or If you are looking for specific hotel packages to Hawaii, Las Vegas or, Disney, get what you want.

Wanderlust VIP and Independent by Flight Centre work collaboratively to bring you a locally owned travel booking website to support you to book your vacation with confidence

Book Your Next Adventure Today and Do It Yourself with Wanderlust VIP!

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