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The most important investment in your life:  Your health and wellness

Focused on Wellness

We’ve all started feeling them in some way. The small aches and pains in our body. For some, they’re not so small anymore. They’ve become irritating, annoying, unavoidable.
For others they’re just downright unbearable. A few lifestyle changes along with suggested treatments at Nada Retreat and Wellness can help clients live the healthiest lives they can.

Nada Retreat and Wellness was created for healing, relaxation and an experience like no other.  With their innovative and exclusive Superior Float Therapy Pods, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Infrared Sauna, “Can I take a nap here?” Lounge, Meditation and Yoga Studio, and Massage therapy you can stay the day, and forget the stress and to dos.
Nada Retreat and Wellness offers – Nada Worry In The World!

Float Therapy

Everyone knows that Mental Health is just as important as physical. At Nada Retreat and Wellness they offer 60-90 Minute float therapy sessions in a Superior Float Therapy Sensory deprivation pod. This allows the body to be pressure free and can aid joint and muscle relaxation, symptom relief of anxiety, depression and PTSD, and gives you a place to shut off the mind. From now until the end of summer Nada Retreat and Wellness are offering 25% off all services.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

If you play any type of competitive sport then you know that your body needs to be treated like a temple. Training, Sleep, good nutrition and recovery are key components to your life.  At Nada Retreat and Wellness their OxyNova Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber should be added to your plan for recovery.  It uses Pure Oxygen, that’s up to 4 times the normal atmospheric pressure, that can improve the speed of recovery or just to maintain optimal health.

Make a Positive Lifestyle Change

The treatments you choose at Nada Retreat and Wellness in Grande Prairie is an investment into your overall health.  Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting.
And as a Bonus, get 25 percent off all services during the Summer Sale.
To book online visit, ask about booking a group appointment for you and your friends or teammates.
At Nada Retreat and Wellness, they offer – Nada Worry In The World.

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