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After wildfire evacuations, experts pushing the need for emergency kits at home

Many of us have emergency kits in our car if trouble should strike. But, how many have the same sort of plan in place if they’re forced to leave their home for long periods of time?

“It could be that a road washes out and authorities can’t get to you for several days and you need to be ok on your own for a couple of days in that scenario,” says Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Natalie Hasell. “Having an emergency kit can definitely make it easier.”

On top of the usual suspects, like water, food, and battery-powered equipment such as a flashlight, radio and phone charger, Hasell says it’s vital to also keep hard copies of your most important information nearby.

“A copy of your important family documents. Copy of identification, copy of your insurance, copy of your bank account information.”

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She suggests keeping the kit together in something like a suitcase with wheels or a duffle bag in an easy-to-reach spot in the home, like the front hall closet.

Hasell says another thing she hopes people can keep in the back of their minds is what to do during weather-related events, like an extreme thunderstorm.

She says just staying in place until the storm passes in some cases may not be enough.

“We need people to take shelter sooner, we need people to stay in the shelter longer than they may otherwise. Thunderstorms are related to a number of threats, like lightning, for example, can still hit you that’s half an hour away. You want to stay in the shelter at least half an hour after the last rumble.”

For a full rundown on what you need in your home in case emergency strikes, you can visit the Government of Canada’s website.

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