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Aides, support workers welcome at Eastlink Centre

Despite concerns, Eastlink Centre officials say workers and aides supervising someone using their facilities don’t need to pay. Interim General Manager Angela Redding says this rule is something the centre has had in place for a long time.

“We believe it’s very important for everybody to be able to experience health, wellness, fitness and in doing that sometimes people need a caregiver, an aide, a support worker to accompany them to the facility. By all means, people can come and talk to us at the guest services locations and let us know that they’re there to provide support for that child or adult.”

At a committee meeting Tuesday, Councillor Dylan Bressey says he had heard from some parents of children with Autism who say they or their child’s caretaker have had to pay to use the centre while working even though they may never get past the change room if the child feels uncomfortable.

Redding says if they check in with a form of ID or paperwork and explain the situation that shouldn’t happen.

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“If the parent of that child provides a letter that says this is who is providing support to our child for the summer months, they can bring that to guest services and our team would address that and add it to our portfolio so that we understand who those children are who are receiving that care. That person would receive access into the facility with that child.”

Caregivers or workers who would like to participate in activities at the centre or use the facilities themselves even with the client present will still need to pay full price.

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