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As many as eight injured in Colorado high school shooting; Major issues found in how RCMP are equipped to respond to mass shootings

As many as eight people injured in Colorado high school

Police say seven, possibly eight; people have been injured after a shooting at a high school in Colorado Tuesday afternoon.

Two suspects are in custody after the shooting about seven miles from Columbine, where 13 people were killed in a school shooting two decades ago, with police saying that the two were caught by officers who were running into the school. Police say the extent of the injuries is currently unknown.

Major issues found in way RCMP officers are equipped to deal with mass shootings

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The federal auditor general has flagged some major issues dealing with how well equipped RCMP officers are to deal with an active shooter.

This comes nearly five years after three Mounties were gunned down in Moncton and two years after the force was convicted of failing to provide officers with proper training and equipment. The auditor found the RCMP has mismanaged the purchase, distribution and ongoing maintenance of semi-automatic carbine rifles and that not all officers have access to hard body armour that would protect vital organs from bullets.

Canada wants China to back up its claims on canola

Canada has told the World Trade Organization’s general council that it wants China to provide proof to back up its claims that Canadian canola is contaminated.

China has stonewalled Ottawa’s requests for Canadian experts to examine its evidence on the canola. Tuesday’s statement by Canada’s ambassador to the WTO is Ottawa’s first formal opportunity to draw attention to the issue in front of a major meeting of the world trade referee.

Conservative leader says he’ll move Canada’s embassy in Israel if elected

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will move Canada’s Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if he becomes prime minister.

The promise reaffirms a pledge Scheer first made more than a year ago. Such a move would put Canada in line with the Trump administration, which has already moved its embassy to Jerusalem, angering Palestinians.

B.C. Premier wants investigation into soaring gas prices in province

Premier John Horgan has asked the British Columbia Utilities Commission to investigate why gasoline in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island is so much more expensive than the rest of the country.

Horgan spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday and brought up his concerns, making it clear that gas hovering around $1.70 a litre is of national importance. His request to the utilities commission asks that it explore why prices have risen by 40 cents a litre in the last few months.

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