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8 million people unable to talk to federal government over the phone last year; Women under represented on Canadian business boards

Half of callers unable to contact federal agencies

An audit reports millions of people were unable to talk to a real person when calling federal agencies. According to the auditor general’s findings from 2017 to 2018, half of the 16 million callers to various agencies couldn’t get through. People inquiring about disability benefits, pensions and old age security were just some of the calls that were turned away.

Only 15 % of Canadian business board positions filled by females

Well, it appears the fight for gender equality still has a ways to go in corporate Canada. CTV says new Statistics Canada study shows women fill just under 20 percent of seats on company boards of directors and more than half of boards are completely comprised of men. Almost 30 percent had just one woman with only 15 percent having more than one.

Meteor threat to Earth real says NASA

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Apparently, the world has to take the threat of meteors more seriously. That’s what NASA is saying. Agencies are apparently testing out ways to defend against them with lasers and smashing space crafts into them to change their trajectory. The meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 had 30 times more energy than an atomic bomb and was considered small.

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