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How To Have A Great Workout And Eat Lunch Too

How To Have A Great Workout And Eat Lunch Too—Fitting Fitness Into Your Daily Routine.

Life today is so fast paced and the world is full of FOMO’s (fear of missing out). If maximizing your efficiency is a daily goal then chances are getting in a fast workout is important to you. So often we set our daily routine only to find out the yoga or spin class we want does not fit our busy schedule. But one of the latest trends in physical fitness is a fast paced work out that pushes your limits in just 30 minutes. 9Round Fitness is at the forefront of this fitness regime with a totally transforming fitness program that works with anyone’s schedule.

For anyone that really wants to improve their fitness and achieve a tone body, hard work and dedication is a must. If you’re not sweating, and feeling exhausted after your workouts, then you’re not working your body hard enough to help it lose weight and look great. 9Round Fitness condenses your work out into a fast paced, grueling work out with trainers nearby to help you push for success. There are no classes, just a new round starting every 3 minutes, so you’ll always be able to jump in on the go. Workouts involve 9 rounds of high intensity training that are designed to work with every level of fitness. So whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a new way to work out, or you don’t even know what a dumbbell looks like, you’ll fit right in.

Leading a busy life makes it hard to commit to a lot of training schedules. But with 9Round Fitness’ workout regime you can choose to join in at any time. So if you’re free before work, have some time at lunch, or a quick break while the kids are playing hockey, you can make it to 9Round Grande Prairie. To help make things even easier, 9 Round Fitness Grande Prairie has some helpful tips for getting in and out as quickly as possible.


Pack your lunch when you’re packing your gym bag the night before to avoid adding extra tasks to your morning routine. Keep your gym bag in your car or at your desk so that you’re ready to work out at any time. Include a healthy pre-workout snack to enjoy at your desk, and a protein-packed lunch to help you recover from your workout and fuel your mind and body for the rest of your workday. Get some meal prep tips. You’ll want workout clothes, as well as everything you need for a quick post-workout refresh.


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Be ready to sweat, and then get right back into your daily routine. Dry shampoo is a modern miracle product that will help you get right back to looking your best. A fresh towel, deodorant, facial wipes and other quick hygiene products should all be included in your gym bag. This will help you get back to work without spending time in the shower.

On the go

When you’re trying to exercise during your lunch break, you need to choose your workout wisely. An hour in the yoga studio or a fitness class with set class times probably aren’t going to work when you’re dealing with a limited time frame. Instead, plan to sweat it out at 9Round Grande Prairie.

Working out at lunch may be just the boost that you need to power through that afternoon slump without the help of another cup of coffee, or turning to the vending machine for a less than healthy afternoon pick-me-up. If you’ve never experienced the joy and elation that comes from getting a full-body workout in just 30 minutes, it’s time to get to 9Round Grande Prairie and try your first workout for FREE!

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