How To Keep Your European Car Running Like A European Car

Take it to a mechanic who has specialized training with European automobiles. That’s the simple answer. But why? Owning a European vehicle can be a huge pleasure, but they do require special care. Despite a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship, European autos, like all other vehicles, require routine maintenance and the occasional repair. It takes special training to properly understand the inner-workings of some cars, especially with the quality European brands we drive in Canada. If you own a European automobile it is important to have it serviced by a professional who understands your ride. In Grande Prairie your best alternative to an import dealership is Vee Dub North. They specialize in all European makes and models with over 12 years of automotive industry experience.

Using the Right Tools

One of the most important reasons to bring your European vehicle to a specialty shop is to ensure that they have the right tools available to service your vehicle.  European automobiles have many unique parts that require special tools in order to properly service them. A specialty shop will have access to the latest computer aided diagnostic and repair equipment that ensures fast and accurate repairs. Whether you drive a brand new Mercedes or a late model Volkswagen, a European auto shop maintains the ability to service vehicles using the right tools for the job.

Training and Certification

Due to the unique and various designs of European automobiles, it takes special training to understand their motors, transmissions, electrical systems and all other components. Professional mechanics who work at European auto repair shops have specialized training to service these particular vehicles. They understand how the many systems of these intricate vehicles work, how they are supposed to drive and how they even interact with drivers. For the best service always bring your import cars to a specialty European auto shop.

Finding Your Car Part in a Haystack

A typical internal combustion engine car has about ten thousand parts. Utilizing the right parts for maintenance and repairs is essential to a long and healthy road life for your vehicle. A specialty shop will have access to the original equipment manufacturers parts as well as other quality parts meant for your model of vehicle. A lot of North American auto repair shops are used to working on North American vehicles. With so many different parts it is unlikely that a regular mechanic will have access to the most suitable parts for your European car. Using aftermarket or generic parts can be risky, as they do not always fit right or are not made of the same quality materials. A specialty European shop will always use the right part for your repair. When you purchase parts and service through Vee Dub North, it comes with a 1 year – twenty thousand kilometre warranty.

If you want the highest quality service and parts for your Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Fiat, Volvo, or other European model be sure to use a specialty European shop. For expert European auto repair in Grande Prairie visit Vee Dub North; an independent shop who is honest and upfront. There technicians are Red Seal licensed master technicians with years of experience. For any questions or to book an appointment, call (780) 539-7140.

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