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Provincial election candidate questions: what sets you apart?

In the days leading up to the provincial election, will be publishing the answers to questions posed to candidates running in the Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie-Wapiti, and Central Peace-Notley ridings. They are published as submitted within a 150 word limit.

Q: What sets you apart as the best candidate?

Grande Prairie

Tracy Allard, UCP
I believe I am practical and take a common sense approach. I have owned my own business for 26 years and bring that skill set to the table.

Grant Berg, Alberta Party
I represent Grande Prairie. Not an all powerful party leader. I commit to 100 round tables my first term, these are collecting information, not delivering it. I will produce accountability updates so you are better informed. How did the hospital issues around delays, firing of the contractor and the non payment of the local trades slip by us? These are our dollars, we should be informed. I’m also not afraid to stand up and speak out for what causes I believe in. I have been a strong advocate for over a dozen groups and nonprofits over the years. When they need a voice to step and represent them and our in their behalf, I am always the guy they send in. It’s something I am very comfortable doing. Being your MLA is a natural progression of this.

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Rony Rajput, Independent
First of all I’m an Independent candidate .Only Independent candidates are the true representation of the people. When someone represents a party they are just serving the party not their constituents. Secondly my platform is a common man’s platform not a political platform .That sets me apart form the rest.

Bernard Hancock, Freedom Conservative Party
No response

Ray Robertson, Alberta Independence Party

No response

Todd Russell, NDP
I believe what separates candidates aside from their party affiliation, is our experiences and values. I moved to Grande Prairie in 2001 to work for the Grande Prairie Fire Department. In the 18 years I’ve been here I’ve put down roots in this community. I married my wonderful wife Frances and we’re raising 3 busy children. I’ve volunteered for many charities and even helped start a few like the Grande Prairie Pride Society and the Grande Prairie Firefighters Charitable Foundation.
My values have always informed my work. I value living in an inclusive community where we accept peoples differences. I Value treating workers with respect and dignity. I value living in a safe community where we help our neighbours and care about their wellbeing. I believe the collective interests of our community must be put before our individual interests.

Grande Prairie-Wapiti

Terry Dueck, Independent
No response

Shannon Dunfield, NDP
One of the things my Elders taught me was to watch, listen and learn. I believe this is important as someone who wants to represent Grande Prairie Wapiti because our people and our communities need to be heard. I watched and listened to Rachel Notley – she stands up for our families, for our province and for our energy industry. And I’ve learned that who we elect makes a difference, especially after previous governments neglected our region for so long.
The reason eligible voters should cast a ballot for me is because my experience in health, education, not for profit and volunteerism at the local, regional and provincial level is something I believe the communities and people of Grande Prairie Wapiti could relate to and support.

Jason Jones, Alberta Party
The biggest difference the Alberta Party has when compared to other Main Parties, is the fact that the Alberta Party offers a free vote that can be used to negotiate greater partnership with our Region. This makes me the best MLA option for Grande Prairie – Wapiti.

Travis Toews, UCP
No response

Central Peace-Notley

Todd Loewen, UCP
No response

Marg McCuaig-Boyd, NDP
When I was a teacher, I saw firsthand that my most successful students were the ones who got down to work instead of wasting time with empty bluster. Rachel Notley has gone from coast to coast to coast, standing up for our energy sector.  She moved the dial from four-in-ten Canadians supporting the Trans Mountain expansion to seven-in-ten.  We are all frustrated, but I know the project will get built because of our hard work.
But, unlike our opponents, we have a Made in Alberta plan to add value to our resources and get more value for the oil that every Albertan owns. Our Made in Alberta plan creates more jobs in petrochemical diversification, more partial upgrading and refining including the recently-announced Nauticol methanol project.
Moreover, we can create opportunities without tearing down public services like health and education for families.

Travis McKim, Alberta Party
No response

Wayne Meyer, Liberal
No response

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