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Provincial election candidate questions: Alberta Carbon Tax

In the days leading up to the provincial election, will be publishing the answers to questions posed to candidates running in the Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie-Wapiti, and Central Peace-Notley ridings. They are published as submitted within a 150 word limit.

Q: Would you make changes to the current Alberta Carbon Tax Program?

Grande Prairie

Tracy Allard, UCP
Yes, if elected, the United Conservative Party has promised to repeal the carbon tax.

Grant Berg, Alberta Party
We would eliminate the Carbon Tax on home and business heating, Non Profits, Agriculture and Municipalities. Heavy emitters would still pay the tax, 1/2 of that money would go into research and development that reduce carbon emissions. On a global scale Alberta’s carbon footprint is negligible. Creating technologies that reduce carbon output in areas like refineries and export that knowledge are how we impact on a global scale.

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Rony Rajput, Independent
Yes. The province’s politicians never bothered asking taxpayers whether they supported the tax. Instead they implemented their new revenue tool conveniently after being elected. In doing so they completely circumvented the democratic checks and balances. This is called dictatorship on the name of democracy. They (Politicians ) are always looking for new ways to tax people more to increase the revenue instead of eliminating their unnecessary expenses, wastage and inefficiency.

Bernard Hancock, Freedom Conservative Party
No response

Ray Robertson, Alberta Independence Party
No response

Todd Russell, NDP
Unlike some of the other candidates in this election I believe in climate change. It would be reckless to eliminate the carbon tax without a plan on how to lower emissions. While 60 percent of residents in Alberta receive a full refund on the tax, the rest of the money is put new green projects around the province.

Grande Prairie-Wapiti

Terry Dueck, Independent
No response

Shannon Dunfield, NDP
I believe in Climate Change. I know people don’t like taxes, I get it, but we need to acknowledge the benefits: over 300 communities have been impacted by the climate leadership plan; we have funded new research into technologies that will lower our emissions. My ancestors have walked this land since time immemorial and I want the next seven generations of Albertans to be able to see the beauty of province.

Jason Jones, Alberta Party
The Alberta Party will offset the Carbon Tax in regards to households, nonprofits, independent businesses including farm businesses. The carbon tax will still apply to heavy emitters as it is an opportunity for us as a province to acknowledge the reality of climate change. Whether climate change is industry induced or not, time will only tell. Right now it is the market opportunity of Alberta’s future. Let’s invest in it, find economic opportunities and prosper our province. We need to control the emerging technologies so we do not lose employment opportunities to advancements in environmental stewardship. Those that control the chaos control the outcome. Alberta needs to be leading this so we can be in front of it.

Travis Toews, UCP
No response

Central Peace-Notley

Todd Loewen, UCP
No response

Marg McCuaig-Boyd, NDP
Two thirds of Albertans get at least a portion of the levy rebated to them when they file income taxes with lower-income people receiving higher rebates. If Alberta scraps the carbon tax, the federal government will impose their own and none of the money will be kept in Alberta. The money from the carbon levy goes towards energy efficiency programs for families, businesses and farms and other programs that create jobs while protecting our environment. In our constituency, for example, it helped the Town of Valleyview install a 25.35 kW solar PV system on the roof of their Town Office, and funded grants to agricultural societies to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. It also funded a 1/3 cut in the small business tax rate. The Climate Leadership Plan has already reduced Alberta’s carbon footprint by 18% and it will help Alberta oil to access new markets.

Travis McKim, Alberta Party
No response

Wayne Meyer, Liberal
No response

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