What effect does cannabis use have on teenagers? That’s one of the questions Alberta Health Services is hoping to answer for Grande Prairie parents at an upcoming information session. Medical Officer of Health Dr. Albert de Villiers says it’s important to talk about this now because it’s legal.

“We do know that it’s going to be more available within our community and we want to point out to certain population groups that while yes it is legal, the fact that it is legal doesn’t make it safe or healthy.”

The session will be hosted by AHS Addiction Counsellor Virginia Hayes. Attendees will learn about the reasons why some teens may use cannabis, chemicals found in the drug and how parents can talk to their child about its use. de Villiers says parents will also learn about the health risks and how it can affect their teen.

“Everybody gets affected in a different way but it can affect some people to engage in more risky behaviours like driving when your high or having unsafe sex or using alcohol with it. It affects every person differently but in general with teens, it can have a bad effect.”

The session is free and will be held on April 17th at the Grande Prairie Public School District office from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.