If you’re a user of Bear Creek or the Wapiti River you will be seeing a lot more of Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue.

With warm weather eventually coming to the region, President of Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue Christina Fobes says residents will begin once again flocking to the river banks to take in some sun, and they hope to be on hand to remind them of the importance of good decision making.

“So people can identify us easily. They understand why we’re there, they understand what they do if we have to come and save them.”

Fobes says it won’t just be a one and done exercise, believing the best way to get the point across about the importance of water safety is persistence.

“During those high times, we will be able to send some volunteers or individuals down. They’ll go down and promote water awareness, water safety and maybe we can even get out swift water team in.”

Technical Search and Rescue was created in 1995 at the request of the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment.