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Everyone Needs A Little R & R   

Everyone Needs A Little R & R

Looking for creative fitness classes to awaken your inner goddess?  Try a little R & R!  Raining Relief Health & Aerial Arts!

About Raining Relief

Raining Relief is not only the largest therapeutic massage clinic in Grande Prairie, they’re also the largest Aerial Arts Studio – offering all fitness levels the chance to try something new for getting in, and STAYING in shape!

Raining Relief is owned by two Registered Massage Therapists who pride themselves on creating a happy and welcoming environment for both clients and employees!

They currently contract five certified and incredibly supportive instructors. Their focus is to create a comfortable workout space where everyone feels supported and accepted.

About The Classes

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You asked for a unique workout and Raining Relief delivers!

How ‘bout trying out some Glowga!  For a unique approach to traditional yoga, Glow Aerial Yoga uses a hammock to support your body while improving flexibility, balance and core strength. And, in a twist to regular Aerial Yoga – GLOW Aerial features black lighting and glow paint!

 Then, of course, there’s Bungee Fit!  This new craze will have you flying, jumping, laughing and loving what we all hate – CARDIO – all while attached to a bungee!  Raining Relief is Grande Prairie’s ONLY studio offering Bungee Fit!

 And, for something completely different, there’s Pole Fitness!  If you sign up for this class, congratulations!  You’ve just taken your first step towards the most fun you’ll ever have while working out.

Pole Fitness blends pole dancing with all-over conditioning.  Forget that horizontal beam you remember from ballet class as a child – you’ll be using a vertical bar to execute fitness moves, developing upper body and core strength, while improving your coordination, posture, and flexibility.

Working Out Is Fun

Raining Relief offers a variety of class options for your unique needs.  From stretch classes, boot camps and glow class – to kids classes, private parties, and skilled classes that let you work on your talent in a unique dance form.

No more, “OMG, I have to work out today.”  Raining Relief students LOVE their classes because it really is a workout that they couldn’t possibly ever get bored with, or dread doing!

It’s fun!  You learn cool skills in the fabrics and you get a better stretch as the silks help support your body as you move through the poses. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete a new trick or pose!  All around, it’s just an amazing option to the regular ho-hum workout!

At Raining Relief, they believe exercise should be a fun experience, and they strive on building confidence in their students, as well as developing a talent from their Aerial, Pole Fit, or Silks workouts. All fitness levels are welcome!

Sign Up Today

Don’t just workout.  Awaken your inner goddess with a little R&R!  Raining Relief offers 8-12 week, progressive courses in all disciplines, and have a discounted fitness membership for their drop in classes!

To learn more about fitness classes, therapeutic massage treatments, or private parties, visit

Address: 8649 112st, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V6A4
Phone: 780-832-6403
Instagram: @rainingrelief

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