People are being reminded to test their carbon monoxide detectors after they saved one County family. On Tuesday morning around 8:30 a.m., the Regional Fire Service responded to a report of a carbon monoxide alarm at a County of Grande Prairie home.

When they arrived, the family was evacuated and firefighters say they found dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air. Dangerous Goods Captain Mike Shykora says it’s important to test alarms regularly and know how to react.

“The family was actually unsure of what to do when they heard their carbon monoxide alarm. It’s critical to test your carbon monoxide alarm so you know what it sounds like, and when the alarm sounds, call 911.”

Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that can be deadly. The gas molecules bond to hemoglobin in the bloodstream which interferes breathing. After an investigation, it was found that an issue with the furnace caused the alarm.

Firefighters are reminding people to check alarms and change their batteries twice a year. They also recommend getting your furnace inspected annually.