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Warkentin thankful for security and police response to Ottawa attack

In the wake of attacks on Canadian soldiers over the past week, Peace River MP Chris Warkentin says the federal government wants to make sure Canadians feel safe in their country.

That includes identifying extremist individuals, and ensuring they will not cause harm to anyone.

“The events of this past week, both here on Parliament Hill and the incident that happened in Quebec, are a demonstration that there are people in our country, who would wish harm and would wish to terrorize and who wish to target people in communities across this country.”

Warkentin was in Centre Block at the time of the shooting on Parliament Hill, and was kept in lockdown with other MPs, senators, and the Prime Minister.

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He says he has a growing amount of respect for security on the hill as well as RCMP and police forces, and is now advocating to get them more powers.

“What we want to do is ensure that law enforcement do have every tool that would be helpful for them, so we will continue to advance the powers that are necessary so that police can do their jobs to identify those people that might be involved in extremist organizations or intend harm against Canadians.”

Warkentin says he and his colleagues received several notes from Peace Country residents through the ordeal, which gave them the sense that Canadians were with them.

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