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Health Canada puts healthy food focus on plant-based proteins; Ottawa expected to release drone rules today

Draft for new Canadian food guide focuses on plant-based protein

The focus on meat and dairy is getting blurry in a proposed food guide update for Canadians.
Health Canada’s draft reportedly now suggests three healthy food groups, ‘vegetables and fruits’, ‘whole grains’ and ‘protein’ which combines meat and dairy. The draft also reportedly suggests eating more plant-based proteins. A final copy is expected to be released this year.

New drone rules expected from Ottawa today

New rules on drone usage in Canada are set to be released today.
The federal transportation minister is expected to detail the law, which will reportedly prohibit drone flight near airports and emergency sites. Drone users will also face charges if they’re drunk or impaired by drugs. CBC News reports drones will need to be registered and large drones can only be used by certified flyers.

Trump calls on Democrats to support border security to protect America

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Donald Trump is falling short of declaring a national security crisis to fund his wall.
In a prime time television address last night, the President pleaded for support for a Mexico border wall, saying it’s necessary to help protect America. He accused the Democrats of dragging out a government shutdown because they wouldn’t support border security. Democrats say Trump is attempting to stoke fear by manufacturing a crisis.

Justin Trudeau death chats investigated on Yellow Vests Facebook page

A European protest movement is leading to political death threats in Canada.
According to Global News, the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page is reportedly being investigated by RCMP for comments about killing Justin Trudeau. The Canadian version of the protest movement primarily focuses on carbon tax and pipeline issues. The original Yellow Vest movement has led to violent protests in France.

BoC interest rate decision to be announced this morning

Don’t expect a change in Canada’s key interest rate today.
Experts say Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz is unlikely to change the rate from 1.75 per cent, due to a few factors including a dip in oil exports and growth in Canada’s trade deficit to $2.1 billion. The BoC’s rate dictates interest on things like mortgages, credit cards and savings accounts.

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