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Thieves smash into front of Intersport

It appears someone has taken the idea of a holiday door crasher too literally. The front entrance of Intersport in the Grande Prairie Power Centre was smashed by a vehicle around 5 a.m. Thursday morning.

A manager says the thieves were inside for about 90 seconds, grabbing whatever they could from the front of the store where clothing and winter gear is stocked. Exactly how much was taken will still need to be figured out, but the more pressing issue is the glass damage.

“From what they broke and just sprinkles of glass going 20 feet from the door. We’re just going through the process right now of pulling any product to make sure we never accidentally sell a pair of leggings that have a tiny little bit of glass in them that were on a rack 25 feet from the door.”

With Christmas only a few days, the business wants to reopen as soon as possible. Work is already underway to fix up the front entrance temporarily until custom glass can be ordered.

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“We think we’re going to be boarded up here today,” the manager says, “and hoping to be open tomorrow with the idea of having a tongue-in-cheek door crasher sale pre-Boxing Day on Saturday.”

The RCMP was on scene early in the morning. My Grande Prairie is trying to get an update on its investigation.

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