Metis Local 1990 is looking to bring elders and youth together. Starting in the new year, it will be holding a youth and elder group in Grande Prairie designed to let the two learn from each other. President Angie Crerar says even though youth have visited the elders before, this will be the first time an official group will exist.

“We’ve never had one here before but its important for a community. With the elder’s shelter, we had groups of youth coming over and now we’re gonna form a group so that they can help learn from each other… Now we’re gonna make it official and have a place for them.”

The youth side of the program is open to people ages 14 to 30. Crerar says they will meet with people in the elders’ shelter to take part in workshops, do activities like singing and dancing and learn how to play cards. She believes this program will also help youth learn about their culture and where they come from.

“The youth, some of them have been in foster homes and many of them don’t even know their culture and their language and the elders can teach them.”

While an exact date for the first group session hasn’t been set yet, Crerar is planning to start in January.