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Land Surveying in Grande Prairie: The family business

All in the family. That could be the unofficial motto of Grande Prairie engineering and surveying firm Beairsto and Associates. The company is currently staffed by three families all with two or three generations of surveyors and engineers.

Bruce Beairsto has three members in the family business which he says was started over 55 years ago by his father.

“My father started our company in 1963. I came along in the late 70s and my son Cody came along about 10 years ago or so and then we have Keston, Cody’s son… It’s a very neat thing to have happen and it’s kind of unique.”

The Beairsto’s are also joined by retired surveyor Doug Starky and his granddaughter, Engineer Lynn Kjaer and three generations of the Trydal family.

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Bruce says he has seen many changes through the years as surveying has been past down from family member to family member. Both in the way the work is done and in the equipment used.

“Things are so much different now that I don’t know a lot about what they’re experiencing now. In my day we were surveying with transits and doing astronomy work a lot. Nowadays it’s all GPS and computers and stuff that I don’t even really know how to work anymore.”

Bruce is now hoping to pass along his love of land surveying to his 7-year-old grandson Keston but says that decision will ultimately be up to him.

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