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Postal workers union pushing back hard against back-to-work legislation;

Postal workers’ union crys foul on back-to-work legislation as MPs debate the bill

Union officials are ramping up their fight against Ottawa’s proposed back-to-work legislation.
MPs are currently debating a motion to fast-track the legislation and get mail delivery back on track. But, the union representing postal workers calls the move unconstitutional and is accusing Justin Trudeau of reacting to a fictitious problem. Canada Post claims a package backlog could last until the New Year.

Trudeau says oil price drop is a crisis, but doesn’t have an immediate solution

Justin Trudeau is calling it a crisis, but isn’t offering any solutions.
The PM spoke about Canadian oil selling at a very deep discount compared to US product mostly because of a lack of transportation options. Trudeau pointed to the recent pipeline purchase as a long-term solution. Alberta’s Premier says Ottawa needs to invest in more rail oil tankers now before Canada’s economy slips further.

Inflation continues as GDP grows in October

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Gas prices and plane tickets are helping push Canada’s GDP higher.
StatsCan reports the economy grew to 2.4 per cent in October. This could hit your wallet though if the Bank of Canada raises the interest rate next month in an effort to cool inflation. Retail also went up in September by .2 per cent to nearly $51 billion with food and beverage sales leading the charge.

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