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Inspirational speaker shares message of determination with local students

Around 1500 Peace Wapiti School Division students got a chance this week to hear from inspiration speaker Chris Koch.

Koch was born without arms and legs, and says his talk is all about not letting life’s limitations or obstacles stand in your way.

“If there’s anything you’ve ever dreamt of doing whether it be learning how to ski or leaning how to snowboard or learning how to skate, don’t be afraid to try it. There’s nothing wrong with failure, I’ve always said I’m more afraid of regret than of failure. There’s nothing wrong with failure if you treat it the right way, whereas regret, you can’t ever get that back.”

Koch says through his speaking engagements he’s also had an opportunity to meet some amazing kids.

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“There’s a couple kids in Beaverlodge that I had a chance to visit with, Rebecca and Josh, and he’s got spina bifida. There’s people like that that you relate to, and they relate to you. They’re living life with challenges, they know exactly what you’re talking about, having to overcome the challenges of a learning disability or spina bifida, or what have you.”

Koch spoke at 7 different schools around the region this past week, and says he hopes he’ll have a chance to make the trip again.

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