Just in time for winter, The Peace Wapiti Public School Division wants to remind parents about the procedure for bus cancellations.

Buses can be cancelled for a number of reasons including bad weather and extremely cold temperatures. The division covers more than 16,000 square kilometres. Because of this, weather conditions can vary which can lead to some buses being cancelled and not others.

Starting at 4 a.m. when it is snowing or when snow is expected, the PWPSD’s Director of Transportation will start watching weather forecasts and road reports. Then at 4:30 and for the next two hours, the director and an employee will drive each bus route to check the road conditions.

If the roads are not safe to travel on, the director will let the superintendent know by 6 a.m. After that, any cancellations will be posted on social media and parents may be called personally by their child’s bus driver to tell them of the cancellation.

Parents are also able to sign up for email alerts through the school division.