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35 per cent increase in calls to Enforcement Services

In just the first quarter of 2018 Enforcement Services has seen an increase in their call numbers.

The only area where calls held steady was for bylaw offences, there 40 of those in 2017 and 2018. Superintendent of Public Safety with the City of Grande Prairie Chris Manuel says that increase overall was about 35 per cent.

“It was kind of across the board. So, it’s not like we saw this real spike in one particular call type. I do think a bit of it is around public engagement and neighbourhood associations.”

He says through outreach they have been encouraging people to report their concerns. They will also be assessing the numbers to look for any trends.

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Manuel says the number of calls also could be tied to the economy picking up. He says that brings more bodies to the region. He says another solid sign of the recovery is an increase in abandoned vehicles.

“The increase is likely related to the number of people that are [living] in town but are working out of town. Camp workers are pretty prominent offenders for leaving their vehicles parked.”

In Q1 they responded to 547 abandoned vehicles compared to 289 in the first quarter of 2017. He asks people who may work out of town to ensure their vehicles are parked off public roadways if they will be there for an extended period. Manuel also says make sure you update your contact information.

“If we can get a hold of an owner and get compliance that way the chances of us needing to tow it are reduced significantly and it will save you hundreds of dollars.”

Manuel says it’s best to update your contact information whenever you renew your registration.

He also touched on the Business Licensing Unit which is revamping the business licensing program. New legislation and business practices are expected to be presented to Council
this fall.

Table showing Enforcement Services call data. Image via
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