The 2018 Stompede will be more accessible than ever before. The city and Stompede have launched a pilot project that will see transit buses shuttling people between Town Centre Mall and Evergreen Park.

Stompede Board President Trevor Denis says it will operate like an express route running directly from the pick up point to the grounds.

“They’ll be catching the bus at the Town Centre Mall and then heading out down Resources Road towards Evergreen Park.”

The bus is expected to run every 30 minutes. The city has provided the use of the transit buses as a gift in kind to the Stompede organization. Mayor Bill Given says Stompede is a “signature event” for Grande Prairie.

“It just goes to show how integral this annual event is to the culture and lifestyle in our region.”

He also hopes the bus service will make it easier and safer for people to attend. The transit program this year is only a pilot project and will be assessed after the weekend wraps up to see if it will continue.

The kickoff to Stompede is less than three weeks away. Denis says the grounds are in much better shape than they were a few weeks ago.

“Seems we went from winter right into summer. So we’re getting pretty dry out here actually. There isn’t any sitting water or anything.”

Stompede runs May 30 to June 1, 2018. This year they have added an Arts and Culture Festival to the event. That will run along with the Stompede staples including the Bust Out Event at Revolution Place, the chuckwagons and the midway.