Another man involved in the homicide of Adrian Snider is set to be sentenced. Dominic Decque plead guilty to manslaughter in Grande Prairie court in February, and will be back Friday to learn his fate.

Decque is one of four people arrested after the remains of 25 year old Snider were found in a rural area outside of Grande Prairie in May 2015. He was originally charged with first or second degree murder, and the Crown moved for his direct indictment in November 2016.

Another guilty plea was entered in November 2017 by Tommy Paul. Paul plead guilty to manslaughter, avoiding his trial for first degree murder.

Decque’s brother Patrick Decque was also initially charged with first or second degree murder, which was later downgraded to manslaughter and accessory to murder. He has a trial scheduled for June 4th to 22nd.

The fourth accused is Courtney McQuinn, who has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Grande Prairie from August 14th to 16th.