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Nitehawk partnership with city having unexpected benefits

The team from Nitehawk Adventure Park say they hope to make their current three year South Bear Creek Park partnership a long-term deal with the city. Something the group would like to extend since they surpassed budgeted gross revenue by over 30 per-cent in year one.

At a recent committee update Executive Director Duane Stevenson said they were expecting to see most of the success from the RV Campground side of the operation since that was something they had previous experience with. He says they were surprised to see the golf side of the business go so well.

“We were very happy with how many came out and it’s very common for the whole family to be there. And with it being a par three it’s easy. You can be through there in an hour.”

He says the driving range also saw a lot of foot traffic. This increase in foot traffic not only had positive impacts on their bottom line but it improved general security around the park as well. Stevenson says there was a reduction in stunting vehicles and parties that were mostly attended by youths.

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“They felt that it was theirs and we had to educate them that it is the public that owns it and the city that owns it. So behaviour has changed. We’ll continue to work on that and it’s just better for all concerned.”

Enforcement Services Manager Chris Manuel says he doesn’t have data specific to the site but he would support Stevenson’s claims.

“I wouldn’t say it was a significant problem for us or the RCMP previously but I would agree that Nitehawk’s operation has increased the recreational opportunities in the area which has generated more positive traffic which is a general crime prevention principle.”

The ski hill side of the business is also doing well. They are currently working to overhaul their masterplan. That could include an expansion of the tube zone which tripled it’s revenue in 2017. The “natural luge track” could be revived for ski and board cross in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.

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