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Aquatera bylaw update could mean future savings for customers

A much needed overhaul of the Utility Bylaw will be presented to city council. Representatives from Aquatera were at City Hall last week to present the changes. Much of the process was about simplifying the language used. CEO Bernd Manz says the original bylaw from the 70’s had only been amended over the years so it was time for a refresh

“It adds greater clarity and consistency through out the bylaw. It went from 53 pages to 44, so it’s much condensed. It outlines responsibilities we have in providing water sewer and waste services.”

The bylaw also has a “stated expectation” that all city waste will be disposed of at the Aquatera landfill. Manz says there is no enforcement mechanism in place, but he hopes the quality of their facility will make it the desired option.

“We provide a high level of environmental stewardship there with our landfill gas to energy system. As well the revenues from the landfill are a key part of the solid waste utility and our hope is that with increased revenues there that we will look to reduce the charges that single family residents have for their garbage pick up.”

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Manz says their goal is to bring the rates residents pay for waste and recycling pick “below the median of Alberta cities” which they are currently above.

The system that is in use “consolidates garbage” quickly. Even with additional waste coming in the landfill still has a life expectancy of more than 80 years.

The new bylaw was approved by council at Monday’s meeting.

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