We knew we could expect to see new faces on city council this term, but likely no one expected one of them to earn the most votes. Eunice Friesen led the pack with 5,382 votes. All night, though, she was in close race at the top with councillor Chris Thiessen.

“I thought that that would continue, but he always had just a little edge on me. But then it was the seniors votes that flipped that for me.”

As someone who is heavily involved in the community Friesen worked as a volunteer with seniors activities councils. She says the seniors facilities polling station was the last to be counted and it made a big difference.

“John Croken was right up there of course, but I was still up at number two and Chris then had gone way down to the bottom. So I know that’s what really flipped it for me was the seniors vote. The folks that I work with and love to work with day in and day out.”

Jackie Clayton rounded out the top three with 4,282 votes, exactly 900 fewer than Friesen.