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County council candidate questions: dino museum funding

In the days leading up to the municipal election on October 16, we will be publishing the answers to questions posed by 2day FM to the candidates running in the County of Grande Prairie. The responses are listed in alphabetical order by division and are unedited. They have not been fact checked and 2day FM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.

Q: What moves would you like to see the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum make to become less reliant on funding from the county?


Daryl Beeston

A: The Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum has become a major draw for tourism to the peace and also a valuable resource for our students and residents. I hope in the future that the Prov Gov will recognize this and help with funding or turn it into a provincial resource.

Don Streeper

A: I would like to see the Dinosaur Museum be less reliant for funding from the county

More fund raising events and ideas

Thomas Tharp

No response submitted.


Leanne Beaupre

A: No response submitted.

Barry Yaehne

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A: They should do more collaboration with other business to attract tourists, to make county of GP a destination place.


Maurissa Hietland

A: I am not sure how viable this idea is, but it is worth considering adding a Science Museum component to our PJDM setup, such as what exists in Edmonton and Calgary. Those facilities are corporately sponsored and offer immense additional educational resources to the community.

Bernie Smashnuk

A: Philip J Currie Dino Museum is in the municipality of Wembley and should have been in Grande Prairie where it would have been more sustainable. Location, location! It would have more populous to support it and to lobby for Provincial and Federal support, which has to be done.

Ross Sutherland

No response submitted.


Kevin Gingles

No response submitted.

Robert Hill

No response submitted.

Bob Marshall

No response submitted.


Peter Harris

No response submitted.

Ashley Heggelund

No response submitted.

Kathy Longson

A: The museum is here to stay so we need to own it and develop a forward thinking plan to achieve sustainability. Maximize Provincial and Federal cultural grants to cover costs from administration to field digs to research. Seek private donors, engage with Cooperating Business Partners for companion, complimenting facilities to increase the traffic through the museum, hold the attention of the visitor and give them more reason to be there. Museums cannot
survive on the gate. These institutions are for the benefit of the region, a draw, and a link to our past. This regional facility needs to become an asset of the province through ownership to be supported in the same manner as they do the Royal Tyrell and other museums in the Country. Museums play a vital role in the cultural fabric of any country and the collaborative municipalities of this region need to ensure we achieve this goal. This regional facility will then have long term financial support funded by all taxpayers’ not just county residents.


Arthur Amendt

No response submitted.

Linda Dianne Waddy

No response submitted.


Dwayne A. Badry

No response submitted.

Corey Beck

A: I believe the province should come to the table with funding for operations. I will advocate on that issue.

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