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County council candidate questions: past success and failure

In the days leading up to the municipal election on October 16, we will be publishing the answers to questions posed by 2day FM to the candidates running in the County of Grande Prairie. The responses are listed in alphabetical order by division and are unedited. They have not been fact checked and 2day FM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.

Q: In your opinion what has been the biggest success of county council over the past four years? What has been the biggest failure?


Daryl Beeston

A: I believe over the last 4 years we have continued to provide excellent service to our residents and at the same time be conservative with our tax increases.

Don Streeper

A: The main thing I see is working with the province to get better access on and off the highways

Thomas Tharp

No response submitted.


Leanne Beaupre

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A: Biggest successes differs depending on who you ask. I would suggest that the following projects are successes- these are not in any order of importance
: continue to maintain taxrates (millrates) for residental and reduce the millrate for non residential taxpayers.
: continue to see growth in the County during the economic downturn
: the completion of the world reknowned Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum
: continuing to make investment and improvements to County Roads strategically by investing multiple millions of dollars annually .
: finalizing our Municipal Sustainability Plan so we could receive our grants from the federal government
: to be recognized as an outstanding municipality by our peers and the Province of Alberta.
: Council is supportive of staff and the innovative projects that have been part of our overall strategic plan.
: The County of Grande Prairie has a healthy , engaged, and highly motivated work force that is responsive to the needs of our residents .

Barry Yaehne

A: Their biggest success has been in commercial business growth.

Their biggest failure is communication. After speaking with the tax payers in Division 3 there is a lack of communication between them and councilors.


Maurissa Hietland

A: I am proud of our current council…I have watched them over the past year in council meetings and they support each other unfailingly, in private and in public.

The biggest disappointment to me is the lack of transparency of council meetings. I sometimes would miss one and wasn’t able to watch a video recording, only an audio recording, and I had to fill out FOIP forms, listen to the recording in the building under supervision, and pay $25. Other municipalities have youtube channels (which I believe are completely free).

Bernie Smashnuk

A: The biggest success of the County would be their involvement in the Clairmont Senior facility. The biggest failure would be their efforts and involvement in the Phillip J Currie Dino Museum along with the situation at Wedgewood.

Ross Sutherland

No response submitted.


Kevin Gingles

No response submitted.

Robert Hill

No response submitted.

Bob Marshall

No response submitted.


Peter Harris

No response submitted.

Ashley Heggelund

No response submitted.

Kathy Longson

A: The biggest success story for the county is the tri-municipality partnership with MD Greenview, County of Grand Prairie and the City of Grande Prairie.

“Tri-Municipal Partnership Announcement by MD Greenview – On December 23, 2016 we announced a new partnership with the County of Grande Prairie and the City of Grande Prairie. The three municipalities will work together to develop a world class industrial area south of Grande Prairie near Grovedale”

This open working partnership with neighboring municipalities is the roadmap for future well planned growth that will benefit all residents whether city, MD or county.

I have trouble with the word failure. Are their area’s the county can improve upon, of course, and they will make progress thru constructive feedback from engaged, concerned residents. We need our county councilors’ to listen to what we have to say and take our message to the council chambers and they in turn up the food chain to the decision makers. We need to be heard on the Regional Hospital, our quality of life depends on it.

Growth is a huge indicator of success provided it is not at all costs.  The County adopted an open for
business policy and have done a good job of marketing that and removing barriers to entry.


Arthur Amendt

No response submitted.

Linda Dianne Waddy

No response submitted.


Dwayne A. Badry

No response submitted.

Corey Beck

A: The biggest success for me was holding a strong line on no increases to taxes and trying to bring value for those taxes during the economic downturn. I can’t think of a failure as I believe progress was made on many fronts. I do wish we could have made progress much quicker on issues like roads.

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