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New STARS app to help rural residents

A new app run by STARS will allow people in rural areas to get access to emergency services. SOLUS will allow people to access assistance 24/7.

Director of Business Development Erin Sharp says it runs in the background of your phone. if you need help, you can press “I need help” button.

“What we know is that if we know where you are, we can help you. SOLUS is helping us find where you are on your worst day.”

Farmers, hunters and anyone out in rural areas now have a way to contact emergency crews in places that may not have cellular service. It can be used in settings where help wouldn’t be as accessible as before.

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“You can run it in the background of your phone all the time. If you were experiencing an emergency, you would press the “I need help” button. This would trigger an alarm at the STARS emergency link centre.”

STARS can then locate you. Sharp explains that they aren’t worried about glitches in the app because they have tested it before officially launching.

The cost is around $10 a month and is available in any app store.

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