Provincial PC Party leadership hopeful Jim Prentice admits there is work to be done by the party to regain the trust of Albertans. Prentice says the controversies that led to the eventual resignation of former Premier Alison Redford has affected all Albertans on a personal level.
“We need to connect with Albertans, we need to work hard to build support.  People are looking at the Government and saying we want to believe in you guys, we want to see that you are a successful compassionate Conservative government.  We know that you have been in the past but we want you to get your house in order.  And so that is in part what this leadership race is about.”
Prentice was in Grande Prairie today for the first of what he says will be several stops in our city during the leadership campaign. He will be back in the region next weekend for the PCAA Northern Alberta Policy Forum at the Entrec Centre.