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Five year old Bonanza boy starts soccer program in Haiti

A five year old Bonanza boy has brought his love of soccer to an orphanage in Haiti. Lori Peachey’s son Adryen raised money in his own piggy bank and started a fundraiser at his school to start a soccer program. Peachey says her son got the inspiration from a benefit that the family attended.

“After seeing all the pictures and stuff, he was so enthused. He emptied his piggy bank into the plate when they passed it around. He decided then and there that that was what he was going to do. He was going to start getting money to go to Haiti.”

He raised around $300 through the school fundraiser and around $2000 altogether.

“He got a lot of the kids at school and in the community on board. It was something that they could see that they were getting. It was something really fun that the kids could do together.”

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Adryen hand delivered soccer balls, pumps and jerseys to the Haitian children and says he can’t wait to go back to play soccer. Peachey says the biggest factor was saying yes to her son’s ideas.

“The more I said yes, the more amazed I was that it worked out. He was so passionate about that I didn’t want to say no. He has really shown me how to work hard for something and succeed. I was really humbled by it.”

Now that the family is home, Adryen can’t wait to get back to playing soccer with the children in Haiti. His three year old sister has been inspired and the two of them have decided to raise funds for two new homes in the country. Mission of Grace has started a village and that is where the family will be putting the money.

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