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New outreach facility proposed for downtown

A new outreach facility has been proposed for the city of Grande Prairie. Hearth Social Profit Company is looking to take over a space on 97th Avenue across the street from Revolution Place. Director of Programs Debra Janveau says she is very excited to get this initiative going in the city.

“That’s really to support everyone in the community. It’s not aimed at one certain population. It is something that is needed in this city.”

The hope is to have a place for people to go to warm up or to keep busy. Janveau says this would help with loitering that is seen in the mall or at the airport.

“I think that offering a place for people to go to socialize, to learn how to work, and to warm up. Skills that are really needed is a good thing.”

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The group will be looking into creating a Day-for-Pay style program in collaboration with businesses in the community.

“A lot of people want to work and maybe they can’t hang onto a full time job all the time but can offer a few days of work.”

If the building is given the go ahead at the next council meeting, she says the next steps are to get the building ready for use. Janveau hopes to get the community involved in making it their own.

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